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Torg Infiniverse Forum FAQ

Post  Gwalchafed on Mon Nov 28, 2011 3:43 pm

What is TORG
Torg is a cinematic multigenre Role-Playing Game released in 1990 by West End Games. The player took the role of Storm Knights, heroes trying to fight the Invasion of Earth by High Lords ; these invading High Lords implant on earth other realities. For instance, if you're in a primitive reality, you can't expect a modern tool or weapon to work there.
I'm not going to explain all the setting and rules here, but there were a few really unique points :
- a d20-based bonus system with a logarithmic scale, allowing great differences of effects ; you could calculate the damages of a knife and and Star Destroyer on the same scale
- a set of cards influencing game results and combat effects
- a background that included "Infiniverse", the fact that all that existed included multiple "cosmverses", where the War was on. That is, each Torg campaign was a cosmvers per se, and periodically players could report their successes and failures, and "Infiniverse Updates" kept every other player posted about this.
Torg disappeared in the nineties, and, after a sell, WEG reacquired the rights, and wanted to published a d6-based version, but this I know from the internet, and I never really heard about a new release.

So what is this forum about ?
Over the years, I noticed that many people still played Torg. In fact, from 2000 to at least 2008, I can tell you about a new campaign website every year. Second, all these people seemed very fond of Torg, even fonder than of newest or still released old RPG. Third, I am a Torg freak. And finally, I may have a campaign beginning very soon.
Ok, so why a forum then ?
Because the Infiniverse thing was great. You could use NPC or background, and ideas from it. The only flaw of the Infiniverse idea was that we had to subscribe, then send our written reports - and I'm not american.
The internet transforms this idea in a much more feasible one. Today, with this forum, every tiny campaign of a pretty torg-isolated GM can be connected to others here on this forum.

Welcome to the Unofficial TORG INFINIVERSE FORUM Exclamation (Why am I shouting ?)

Why don't you write it like I would have said it ?
Because french is my mother language, and I'm not so fluent in english. But I think there are not so many Torg players around the world right now so I might as well choose english as common laguage. French, lëtzebuergesch or akashan just didn't fit. Too bad for french, luxemburger and akashan. albino


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